There are a great number of financial services and resources out there FOR financial services & trends. Many are not even known to be such, or to offer such services. As a result, many businesses do not take advantage of them as they should…..since they are merely not well and properly informed as they should have been. This is both a waste and a shame. As Doug Foshee suggests, ¬†one fine example of the availability of such resources and their use, when it comes to finances (unbeknownst to many out there today, believe it or not), is the proper use of social networking to promote and grow one’s own financial services and financial stream of revenue and followership. It is just amazing what can be done here, and there truly are no limits to just how far one’s service or business can really. One sets the limits and the standards, and not the other way around.



I begin with a wonderful quote which is quite precise and on the point. It states:
“A survey of 500 financial advisors by Corporate Insight released earlier this year found that two out of three advisors use social media for business reasons. The most popular choice is LinkedIn (52 percent), followed by Facebook (24 percent) and Twitter (13 percent).”

[http://money.usnews.com/money/personal-finance/articles/2015/06/03/why-the-financial-services-industry-started-tweeting, pg. 1]

This just proves more and more, that financial services really can grow more through the properly implemented use of social media networks. Once a brand/business/services page is created, the options are really limitless. I continue:
“Many other financial institutions are jumping on the social media bandwagon with the goal of attracting and engaging customers. They navigate company guidance and industry regulations to share industry news, respond to client questions and even address problems or concerns. Clients are responding with plenty of tweets….”

[http://money.usnews.com/money/personal-finance/articles/2015/06/03/why-the-financial-services-industry-started-tweeting, pg. 1]

moneyThis was but just one example of what can be done through social networking mass distribution and word of mouth. The capabilities of websites such as Twitter and Google + and Linked In are just over the roof! There is no end to how far they can go…..and it gets better.


Now then, when your financial service (be it a credit institution or lender or bank, for example) decides to get serious and organized….then it really begins to see the need. What need is that? The needs are all around, for promotion, brand/business marketing, retained ownership, growth, and revenue potential. They need to jump on the bandwagon and see that all other successful businesses are using social media. They then need to compete to have more followers and more angles of view/open doors with which to attract potential customers, partners, and clients. This all begins with recognizing the need, and listing every need and resource of the financial service. Next, one can list every financial service offered.